On blogging

I started to blog because I could not get a job because I lacked experience, and I did not have experience because I could not get a job. The classic Catch-22 🙂

Did blogging help me get hired? It definitely helped. Here are some examples:

  • When I was asked, “Are you a quick learner?” I would respond, “Have you read my blog? I have built a site every day since August 3rd, 2015 using numerous technologies including Ruby on Rails, JSON, AngularJS, JavaScript, JQuery, etc.”
  • I would lead with, “I only have a few hours of professional experience, but I have my blog and portfolio of sites I have built. This is like my own boot camp/internship.”
  • When asked, “Do you have experience with Bootstrap?” I replied, “Yes, my blog has examples of Bootstrap sites I built, and also the links and code that helped me build those sites.”

Blogging functioned as an interactive resume as well as a portfolio of my skills.

Now that I am happily working, has blogging continued to benefit me? The answer is also a Yes.

  • Writing my Model View Controller (MVC) Summary helped me really understand MVC because I had to read many articles, explanations, and examples to be able to understand enough to summarize the most important concepts.
  • Chrome Developer Tools Quick Tips helped because I was able to refer to this post a few times when I forgot how to use these tools.
  • Writing Dealing with Coding Insecurities helped me realize that the doubt and insecurities are very common for programmers, but I can win by having fun coding and by improving my abilities.

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Why every programmer should have a blog

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