Random lessons

Here are a few tidbits I have learned:

  • Make variables names clear and specific. “listOfStates” is more understandable than “x”.
  • Functions should describe their actions i.e. “getListOfStates” is better than just “states”.
  • Get things to work then clean up and refactor.
  • Brainstorm, think, and plan with pen and paper. Writing things down really helps me to get unstuck, so maybe if I were wiser I would start with pen and paper first and not get stuck so often 🙂
  • Learn how to write better code by reading others‘ clean code.

2 thoughts on “Random lessons

  1. Those are great lessons. The one I have the hardest time with is number 3, I’m always trying to think a few steps ahead and plan that out. But really I should just worry about the current task at hand.

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