Dealing with Coding Insecurities

Do you find yourself moving from one coding insecurity to the next?

Well when I first started learning to code in June 2012 I thought I would never understand arrays and other coding fundamentals.

In December 2014 I discovered web development. But I also discovered a new coding insecurity because I felt that I would never understand HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In summer 2015 I felt job ready and was interviewed for numerous positions. However I then received a new fear that these interviews would never lead to a job.

Now that I am working I feel insecure that my work is not good enough. I am not sure what “good enough” even means, but I guess coding insecurities are supposed to be vague and intangible 🙂

I have a feeling that the thoughts will eventually turn into, “You’re not good enough because you’re not a Senior Developer yet.”

Eventually the coding insecurity will be, “Well you’re a Senior Developer but you can’t code with your eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back!”

So what is the solution to coding insecurities? I don’t know but I do know that these insecurities are very common in software development.

To counter these doubts, I just try to focus on the doing the right actions (improving every day) and enjoying the coding journey (or at least being aware).

Note: Special thanks to Nicolás for sending me this article. Here’s an excerpt:

Lesson #2: Make a list of things that you do not know and the things you “think” you don’t know. Just learn them. You will be so busy you will have no time to worry.


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