How to Get Inspired about Web Development

Check out this blog 180 Websites in 180 days

Jennifer built 180 sites in 180 days. She went from a coding newbie/fine artist to a software engineer and inspired countless people.

Also check out this blog 100 Websites in 100 days

Thuong was inspired by Jennifer’s journey and built 100 sites in 100 days and also became a software engineer.

I am inspired by their journeys and I will be posting here every day. I will build a site every day I can, but I can’t promise to be as prolific as they were. But I will promise to have as much fun as possible learning, building, and sharing 🙂


14 thoughts on “How to Get Inspired about Web Development

  1. Jennifer’s undertaking was insanely awesome, everything was perfectly executed and she invented the whole concept.

    Thuong’s projects seem a bit hit-or-miss, some are buggy or completely broken. Though there are some nice gems.

    I personally feel like building a site a day is too extreme. Simply can’t get the amount of insights you could if you spread it out over a couple of days. Not to mention having to rush development.

    With that many projects, people are bound to just click at random, and if they happen to click on buggy ones…

    While 100/180 sites is awesome for becoming an HTML/CSS/JS/ ninja, for portfolio purposes I’d star maybe 20-30 of them that I feel to be the best that I’d like to showcase.

    That, and I think 1 website a week is more realistic.


  2. Prashanth great points!

    Here’s someone who did a 12 in 12 challenge
    View at

    In additional to becoming a front-end ninja, I think any type of challenge would improve one of the most important skills: Google-Fu, aka using Google, Stack Overflow, and documentation to solve problems 🙂


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