Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.

Here’s a great article on how setting goals can actually be counterproductive and demotivating: Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.

My personal philosophy is to focus on the process by setting up a system and simply following it. I try to make my system consist of fun and right actions, so that way I can happily achieve towards my goals instead of achieving to be happy. I try to trust the process and see what happens, which lines up nicely with James Clear’s article 🙂


Learning coding with flash cards

I came across these great articles on learning coding by using flashcard software:

I also found pre-made flashcards here:

The most fun I have had coding so far…

The most fun I have had coding so far has been with Code Fights Tournaments.

It’s so much fun because it is gamified. The contests are only 10 minutes so it’s short and sweet. I have benefited by learning how to read, debug, code, and type fast. Also it’s fun to race against not only myself for experience points (XP), but also against contestants from all over the world.

Here’s more information about Code Fights: So, what is CodeFights?

Mamba Motivation

I found this great motivational quote from former NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant:

“That’s what Mamba Mentality is,” Bryant said. “It’s understanding that every day you can work on something, every day you get better, and then you can fast-forward years later and it seems like it was a ‘Voila!’ moment, but you know that patience and perseverance every single day is what got you there.”

Tools for Faster Learning

Here are a few tools that have helped me consume materials faster

Youtube Playback Speed Control This allows me to watch videos at up to 4x the normal playing speed

Natural Readers and Free Text to Speech Reader These let me copy and paste text so that I can simultaneously read and listen to the text

Spreed This is more for leisure/fictional reading. With this tool, I can copy and paste text, and read it rapidly. It presents the text one word at a time at a single point on the page, so I don’t have to move my eyes at all.