Learn Python resources

To learn Python for data structures and algorithm interviews (assuming you’re already strong in another language): How I Learned Python in Just 10 Days

To learn by building projects: How to Learn Python Tutorial

To learn by solving problems: Teach Python 3 and web design with 200+ exercises

What happens when you type an URL in the browser and press enter?

Here are 2 great resources for learning the answer to this question:

What happens when you click on a URL in your browser

What happens when you type an URL in the browser and press enter?

The way I learned this was by paraphrasing each sentence and visualizing the actions happening. I also use the GMail snooze feature to first review this every day, then every 3 days, then every week, and now it will probably be every quarter.

Lynda & Team Tree House

I started learning from these awesome resources. They were free because of my local library 🙂

With Lynda (now called LinkedIn Learning) I only took one course on Object Oriented Design and it was very clear and concise.

I am impressed with Team Tree House because it is interactive like Codecademy and in depth as well. They also teach how to use documentation and have small projects along the way.

Check out your local library and see if you can get these resources for free 🙂


Mission Impossible Mentality

I recently watched Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

I benefited from watching this movie because Tom Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt would say in impossible situations, “I’ll figure it out!”

When asked what he would do next, Hunt would respond, “I’ll figure it out!”

I have embraced this attitude, which is basically the problem solving mentality. This attitude has helped me have more fun, be more confident, and gain greater competence and skills.

How will I improve even more? I’ll figure it out 🙂