Helpful Resources to Learn How to Code

Ruby on Rails Resources

The Odin Project

A free curriculum designed to build full stack developers

The Odin Project Study Group

Facebook Study Group for The Odin Project

The Odin Project Beginnings

Start collaborating and learning with Git, GitHub, HTML, and CSS

Notes on The Odin Project

Guide to the Odin Project

12 Rails Apps in 12 Weeks

Awesome step by step Ruby on Rails videos

The Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Incredibly but helpful, but takes time to fully grasp

Java Resources

Java Programming Tutorials

Very helpful introductory Java videos

Design Patterns Video Tutorials

Design Patterns videos

Java Algorithms

Amazing introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms


Practice your Java skills with a series of fun and free challenges

Java Books

Head First Design Patterns

Head First Java

Amazing series that teaches computer science using pictures, a conversational tone, and humor

General Resources


Meet other coders. Can do presentations and learn, teach, collaborate with and help others

Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard

Sums up the coding journey of many

Don’t Believe Anyone Who Tells You Learning to Code is Easy

Great formula for learning

Persevy Timer

Pomodoro Technique Timer

FreeMind – Free Mind Mapping Software

Great way to organize and learn information


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