How to apply for your first junior developer job

So you have been learning how to code, networking, and building a portfolio. But are you ready to start applying for jobs?

This article has the answer: How You’ll Know You’re Ready to Start Working as a Web Developer

And this video also has the answer: Question: How Do You Get Enough Experience to Apply for Programming Jobs?

Now how do you actually apply to jobs?

If you live in an area with lots of jobs like Southern California, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, etc. here’s how you can do it:

  1. Set up your resume and Linked In. Post your resume to every job site you can find.
  2. Register and use job sites that have one click applications. A few are Zip Recruiter, Dice, Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, Simply Hired.
  3. Every day apply to 15 jobs. This will only take a few minutes and will result in 100 applications a week.
  4. Focus on the process over the outcome. Think of interviews as lectures in disguise. Unfortunately you will possibly get rejected dozens or even hundreds of times. But as long as you learn and grow from each experience you will become an even better candidate.
    For instance if you get rejected 3-4 times because you have never used AngularJS, but you then start learning AngularJS and demonstrate this in your portfolio, you will become an even stronger applicant.
  5. Keep learning, building, and applying. You will find a great job because an employer will be impressed by your skills, determination, and knowledge. You can and you will get hired!



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