ChatGPT Tips

Watch these great videos

Here are a few tips that have helped me

  • Paste in working code and have ChatGPT create unit tests for the code
  • Ask ChatGPT to comment or explain code I paste in i.e. code I find online but can’t understand
  • Ask for sample code. This works better if I brainstorm and/or write the code myself then check ChatGPT’s answer. I wrote code to find a nested object in an array, then I asked ChatGPT and learned how to better my code (return a boolean).
  • Ask ChatGPT to rename variables. This has been hit or miss in terms of effectiveness. But I always gain ideas from the effective and ineffective renaming. 
  • Have ChatGPT remove comments. This is simple manual work that is done easily and perfectly by ChatGPT. 
  • Converting from React class to React hooks does not work that well but gave me ideas and helped me review the old school componentDidUpdate function. 
  • This extension is a nice way of supplementing Google searches 
  • I like to ask ChatGPT for explanations (i.e. eli5 “explain like I am 5 years old”), examples, and sources. 

Overall I am enjoying ChatGPT for brainstorming, searching, and getting explanations. It is not perfect by any means but it is a great tool in my toolbox.