Make It Rain Landing Page

Make It Rain Landing Page

This site used Bootstrap and was based on this lesson. This landing page demonstrated the power of a simple User Interface combined with questions that lead logically and emotionally to a Call to Action (signup and button click).

Thanks to Omar for the idea to have fun building landing pages.


404 Page

404 Page

This used Bootstrap and was based on this UX advice. This site demonstrated the importance of giving the user a clear path when he or she is lost.

I originally wanted to build something amusing like Github’s 404 page


or something incredible like these 40(4) pages. But I learned that a 404 page that appears similar to the rest of the site is less disconcerting for the lost user. Also providing the user the option to contact you with feedback as well as a way to return to the Home page creates a better experience. Overall I learned that sometimes less is more when building a web page.