This was built with JQuery Easing and was based on this tutorial. This animation provides a link to this blog entry where I detail my lessons learned from 75 days of building sites.

Here are my reflections:

What have I done well?

  • Had fun exploring HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, APIs, Bootstrap, and much more.
  • Focused on small and consistent steps. Made sure to learn by building small pieces and gradually adding on to those pieces.
  • Used tutorials when I needed to get started with new technologies.
  • Learned from Free Code Camp and solved coding challenges at Code Wars.
  • Used Google, documentation, Stack Overflow, Github to build my sites.

What would I have done differently?

  • Try to put the pieces together better, i.e. make sure the AngularJS sites have the Bootstrap design features.
  • Don’t be afraid to abandon Ruby on Rails especially if I dive more into AngularJS and want to synchronize with a database. If this were to happen, don’t hesitate to learn Node and the rest of the MEAN Stack.
  • Build more basic sites where I learn and explain a concept, i.e. a coding problem, or a computer science concept like Closures.

Overall this has been a rewarding journey and I have learned, built, and shared much. I am especially proud to say that I have learned how to learn. If I have an idea, I know how to read Stack Overflow, blog posts, documentation, and if these do not yield a solution, I also know how to get help from Slack, IRC, or from Meetup members. I am eager to see where the rest of this journey will take me, and which concepts or technologies I might explore next…


Pet Shop

Pet Shop

This site used JavaScript, JQuery, and Bootstrap. My goal is to rebuild this site in the future but with AngularJS instead of JQuery…

Furthermore this Pet Shop site will allow me to compare and contrast the JQuery way with the AngularJS way. I think having this goal will make learning AngularJS even more interesting, tangible, and compelling.

Here are some links that helped me with this site:

Responsive Images
Javascript innerHTML images
Get Spinner UI value on change
Get value attribute from jQueryUI Spinner




It has been over 30 days since I began building a site every day and blogging about it.

To recap I am going to answer the questions, What did I do well? and What would I have done differently? (Credit goes to Brian Tracy for these questions).

What did I do well?

  • Built a site every day, even if meant making something basic.
  • Wrote two posts on Building a Resume and on Free Learning Resources.
  • Used Ruby on Rails, AJAX, APIs. Discovered that I really enjoy JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Improved my ability to Google, use StackOverflow, read documentation, learn and refactor others’ code.
  • Reused, improved, and built upon my code from previous days, i.e. from using setInterval to change the Background Colors to building a Pomodoro Timer to creating a Meditation Timer. The concept/function was the same, but the complexity increased.
  • Built a simple site about JavaScript Closures that helped me understand the concept by using it. I learned that sometimes the best way to learn a concept is to build it and then teach it and I am definitely going to do this more going forward…
  • Focused on fun and building what I wanted, i.e. Date Calendar and the Compound Interest Calculator

What would I have done differently?

  • Start as early in the day as possible to not feel rushed.
  • Use more vanilla HTML, CSS, JavaScript. If Rails is not making my building easier, then ditch it. Plus sometimes it is great to learn and build at a lower or different level.
  • Use more tutorials. If something is new to me, i.e. HTML5 Canvas, then use a tutorial. Just make sure to comment and understand everything I can and also add one or two new features if possible. Also make sure to use the tutorial(s) as a stepping stone. Basically take advantage of the crutch until I am ready to walk on my own.
  • Build more simple and fun sites. The simple and fun sites are confidence boosters and also give my subconscious ideas about future sites.

What will the future hold?

I don’t know. It is like an adventure because it is scary and exciting. But here are some things I am thinking of playing with. I may not do any of this, but I may do all of these things. Time will tell….

  • More Rails sites.
  • Play around with more JQuery Plugins.
  • Experiment with Angular, React, or Node.
  • Responsive CSS design with breakpoints.
  • Explain and demonstrate concepts with code.
  • Add onto previous projects.
  • Redo previous sites but with a different technology.
  • Learn, build, and share even more….