AngularJS Retirement Calculator 2

AngularJS Retirement Calculator 2

This site is an improved version of the Compound Interest Calculator because it displays the yearly earnings and total earnings instantly.

Helpful Links

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AngularJS Countdown Timer

AngularJS Countdown Timer

This site is a basic Countdown Timer with Resume and Stop functionality.


After yesterday’s AngularJS high, I have today’s relative low. But it is okay, I am accepting that learning and building something new will have its ups and downs and will also be two steps forward and one step backward. As long as I am moving forward, learning, and enjoying the process, I welcome the challenges 🙂

AngularJS Retirement Calculator

AngularJS Retirement Calculator

This site is an improved version of the Compound Interest Calculator because it performs the calculations instantly.

Update: I am getting the hang of the scope variables and bindings of AngularJS. I just need to keep building sites that use the features of AngularJS and I will improve even more at finding the documentation and examples that I need to build what I want.

Pet Shop

Pet Shop

This site used JavaScript, JQuery, and Bootstrap. My goal is to rebuild this site in the future but with AngularJS instead of JQuery…

Furthermore this Pet Shop site will allow me to compare and contrast the JQuery way with the AngularJS way. I think having this goal will make learning AngularJS even more interesting, tangible, and compelling.

Here are some links that helped me with this site:

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To Dos with AngularJS

To Dos with AngularJS

This used AngularJS and was based on this video. This site demonstrates AngularJS features such as controllers, directives, and forms.


I finished the free AngularJS Course. I don’t think I absorbed that much, but I did gain an overview of much of the terminology and a realization of what AngularJS can do well. To earn a greater understanding, I have the option of following this formula by doing an AngularJS tutorial repeatedly until things make sense, or follow short and sweet tutorials for a few days and then start building simple applications on my own as soon as I can like I did with my tip calculator.

Either way it will be interesting to learn by building and blogging instead of just reading text 🙂