Things I Say to Motivate Myself

Here is a list of some of the (cheesy) motivational sayings and when I use them…

When I can’t solve a problem and I have to look up the answer… “I’ll get this next time”, “I’ll know this next time.”

When I’m too tired… “I’ll just do 5 minutes, or just a few seconds.”

When I really am too tired… “No more for today, I’ll rest, recharge,  and be ready tomorrow.”

When I get stuck… “This means I need to go for a walk.”

When I feel like I can’t do it… “If others have done it, then so can I.”

When I feel like I am horrible, that I am not making enough progress… “I just have to be better than I was before.
“I just have to go from sitting to crawling to my first steps. I can worry about running and climbing later.”


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