Never quit

I first started learning programming in June 2012. It was fun and interesting. Coding made my time fly and just felt right to me.

However, I have definitely gone through all of these stages: Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard.

Every step of my journey, from learning, building, sharing, working, basically every single step has had its challenges and difficulties. I keep things in perspective by reminding myself that coding being challenging is a great thing, because the opposite would be a career or job where things are repetitive and boring. Still I have gotten discouraged when I have challenges with code, challenges with people, and challenges with code and people 🙂

But I will never give up. As long as coding remains awesome, as long as it stays fun and interesting, I will keep going through the process of try, fail, learn, and improve. I will keep having fun and learning, I will keep going, I will never quit.

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