Limiting Beliefs

Here are a few limiting beliefs I had and how I overcame them…

I need a degree to get a job 

I learned that this belief is simply not true by reading these success stories: You can get a coding job!

I have to get the most out of my potential

I learned that this is not true by taking Calculus III and Linear Algebra classes. I hated these classes. These classes made me realize that the most important thing to me is doing fun and interesting things with code.

I cannot build unless I have a tutorial

I first started learning how to build without a tutorial here: How I built my carousel image slider.

I really learned how to use Google, documentation, others’ code starting with this post: How to Get Inspired about Web Development.

I have to build a single massive portfolio piece with many features 

Many recruiters and technical people told me to put all of my learning and building into a single multifaceted website. But I ignored them because I had already started my daily sites and I was too stubborn to change course 🙂

I am glad I ignored them because I learned much more through repetition and daily building than I would have by building a single site. Special thanks to Omar for encouraging my daily site building.

Here are the lessons I learned from my daily sites:

I can’t do it. I can’t get hired, I can’t build a website, I can’t do this or that…

This belief is actually true. I cannot reach the outcome of many of my goals.

But I can take the next step and focus on the right actions. I can focus on the process and let the outcome take care of itself. This is liberating, to know that I only have to focus on the next step.


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