Work reflections

I have been working as a junior developer since early November 2015. Here are some of my reflections:

  • I thought programming would be working solo. I thought there would be no help except for Stack Overflow and Google. But fortunately programming is a team effort because teammates and managers are there to teach and help.
  • I felt inferior when I would compare myself to others who have 10 years of experience. Then I realized, duh, they are so much better than me because they have 10 years of experience. I realized that this is a great opportunity to learn from them and hopefully cut down on my learning curve.
  • I thought the work environment would be like a library. Instead work is the opposite of quiet and calm. Headphones help a lot with concentration.
  • I learned that going for a walk every couple of hours is extremely helpful. I try to just focus on my the feel of my footsteps touching the ground and to not think about coding. Sometimes my subconscious will give me solutions and ideas that I can try out when I get back to my computer.
  • Reading and using existing code is a great way to learn how to write clean code and how to efficient solve problems.

Overall work is great because it is a continuation of the journey I started with How to Get Inspired about Web Development. Time flies and coding still just feels right to me. It is amazing that I now earn a living by learning, coding, and building projects 🙂




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