Become a web developer in just 10 seconds a day…

Of course my headline is preposterous, scammy, and impossible.

But I do think there is a grain of truth to it…

My reason for writing this post is because a few weeks ago my friend was asking me how he can become a web developer.

I told him to first start playing with Codecademy’s JavaScript track to make sure that programming is engaging and enjoyable. Just make sure that time flies when coding because that means that coding is fun and interesting.

Next I told him to learn from Free Code Camp.

After having not heard anything from him for awhile I wrote to him

Hey my unsolicited advice: If I were you, I’d do 10 seconds of Free Code Camp every day. Just log in and read, look at or think about the challenge/lesson.

Obviously just 10 seconds a day will not be enough to become a web developer.

But that is not the point. The point is to show up and be consistent. Every day presents an opportunity to hit an easy goal and to feel good about achieving that goal. Furthermore that good feeling will likely lead to a couple of minutes of coding (or maybe even longer). Even on the tired and low motivation days, 10 seconds is easily achievable and will keep the momentum going.

In summary, just 10 seconds a day is not enough to become a web developer (duh), but these daily and consistent seconds can grow and lead to a rewarding and interesting coding career.


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