You can get a coding job!

I thought for my first post of 2016 I would share a few of the blogs that inspired me in 2015.

Here are the real life stories of people getting their first coding jobs:

New Country, New Career
“After 5 months, I went from code newbie to a software developer. No dev bootcamp. No tricks. No shortcuts. Just studying and coding everyday and not being afraid to apply to any junior dev internship I could find.”

“In the last 6 months, I decided to learn to code and blog about learning to code. I was desperate to change my career without spending 4 years in college. In the last few months, I got an internship which turned into a job.”

How A Blacksmith Learned To Code
“Here’s the condensed version of how I went from zero experience writing code to getting hired 9 months later as a junior developer and how you can do the same.”

Junior Magento Developer
“I decided I was going to do what I loved, and I was not going to let anything stand in my way. What had started as a hobby, turned passion, finally turned profession. Here is how I did it.”

Everyday Utilitarian
“I’m getting paid to write code. It’s pretty neat. Most notably, I was not a Computer Science major in college, and I only took two CS classes. I got the job nearly entirely through about 700 hours of self study. Best of all, you can do it too!”

180 Websites in 180 days
“I learned to code by building 180 websites in 180 days”

100 Websites in 100 days
“I never thought I would love doing something so much.  Over the past 100 days, I covered: jQuery, Angular.js, d3.js, Node.js, and the full MEAN stack – more progress than I could’ve imagined!  My goal is to become a full stack web developer, and nothing short of a zombie apocalypse will stop me. ”

And here’s how I got started with my own “boot camp/internship”:
How to Get Inspired about Web Development

Maybe a year from now I can post a link to your blog… Yes I am talking to you 🙂


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