I began my learning, building, and sharing because of this inspiration.

However, I failed to build 100 sites in 100 days and my sites were far less impressive than Jennifer’s and Thuongvu’s.

But I did get to learn and play with many different technologies including Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, APIs, Bootstrap, etc. I also started to enjoy coding challenges for the first time.

Most importantly, I learned how to learn and build effectively. For learning the front end including Bootstrap I found that the best way was to follow along with tutorials and clone sites using Google Inspect. This process led me to see the patterns common to the layouts and designs. In contrast, I found that to learn how to build sites the best way was to come up with a simple idea and just try to build it. Basically start small, Google and Stack Overflow, and get help as needed.

Overall this was a success because I built 88 sites in 88 days. The best part is that I got hired as a Junior Web Developer so my learning, building, and sharing has just begun 🙂

Where do I plan to go from here?

I plan to post a blog entry once a week or so to reinforce and keep sharing what I learn. I also will keep doing a coding challenge every day to sharpen my skills. Most importantly I will continue to enjoy this journey and have fun coding as much as possible.

Onward and upward…


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