This site used HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. It was an emulation of elements from this site.


This site was built much quicker than the previous Bootstrap sites. I think the more I use Bootstrap the more I can reuse code from previous sites. Furthermore the better and more quickly I recognize patterns, i.e. 3 columns means each column will have a width of 4, if there is a wide carousel maybe hide that for smaller phone screens.

On another note, I finished the coding challenges (Bonfires) at Free Code Camp. They did an amazing job of having the challenges progress from easy to medium to hard. As a result the JavaScript problems were actually enjoyable. I am now doing a problem each day from Code Wars.

At first I thought coding challenges were pointless, frustrating, and unpleasant. I now realize they can be enjoyable if they are bite size and not too easy but not too hard. They are also a way to warm up my mind and also to learn language and specific ways of solving problems. Furthermore after you solve a problem at Code Wars, you can gain access to others’ solutions. Viewing others’ solutions is eye-opening and informative.

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