W3 Schools Bootstrap

W3 Schools Bootstrap

This used Bootstrap and was based on this course. This site demonstrates Bootstrap features such Contextual Classes, Responsive Embed, and Badges.

Update: I decided that rather than simply reading the W3 Schools Bootstrap Tutorial, I could learn, practice, and master the material even better by building it while explaining it. Basically I am attempting to gain mastery by doing and teaching/sharing.

On another note, I started playing around with Free Code Camp. The lessons are well-organized, interactive, and succinct. Their explanation of what to do when you are stuck is a must read.

Furthermore, their Bonfires (JavaScript coding challenges) are actually enjoyable. They did a great job of making the challenges flow because they start off relatively easy and progressively increase in difficulty. Most other sites have coding challenges that require you to go from sitting to sprinting, while Free Code Camp’s challenges take you from sitting to crawling to walking and to eventually running. Check out Free Code Camp if you want to dive into JavaScript.


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