Scrambled Words

Scrambled Words

This shows a scrambled word and then checks to see if your guess matches the correct answer. JavaScript and JQuery functions were used along with Regular Expressions to allow empty spaces in the guesses.

I actually built the logic of this using Test Driven Development in Ruby. I created tests to check if the user’s guess and the actual answer matched exactly, had the same number of letters, are anagrams, etc. I created all of the tests for everything I could think of.

I wrote code to pass all of my tests but I could not do anything with the fully functioning Ruby code. I could not get information from the forms to this working code.

I dove into reading about forms but I still could make no headway. Finally I was told, Rails is supposed to make my coding easier and more fun, not more stressful.

I dropped the Ruby and rewrote all of the code in JavaScript and JQuery. I am enjoying the JavaScript, JQuery, and the front-end much more than I expected. I am looking forward to diving in even more deeply with JavaScript. Although right now I am very interested in playing with JavaScript and JQuery, maybe later on I will be most interested in Rails, or maybe a front-end framework, or maybe something brand new to me. This has definitely been a journey since I started building and blogging every day. There have definitely been frustrations and roadblocks, but overall it is exciting because I am learning and building much, and it is interesting to see where this journey will take me….

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