How to build an amazing resume for career changers…

Note: This advice also applies to anyone looking to revamp their resume.

Recently my friend who is a banker was looking to transition into a dispatcher job. She had no idea how to revamp her resume and make it relevant to her new desired career. Her goal was to show how her current skills and experiences would make her a great fit for her dream job. Here is what I taught her to make her resume great.

The process involves two phases. The first phase is collecting as much information as possible and brainstorming every possible idea. This stage should be creative and done without any censoring. Collecting and brainstorming as much as possible is important because it will prevent the worst case scenario of having too little or nothing to write about.

The second stage is the critical and analytical part of pruning everything that does not fit, while rewriting and tightening every word for maximum impact. These steps should be done in a document that is saved and backed up frequently.

Here are the steps:

  1. Take your current resume and place it a new document.
  2. Copy and paste every job description you can find and place it in this document.
  3. Brainstorm every possible way you might match the descriptions.
  4. Copy and paste every resume you can find for your current position, i.e. coworkers’ resumes, resumes you found online.
  5.  Copy and paste every resume you can find for your desired position. Search online and copy and paste every single resume, good and bad, senior and entry level. This will help you see the patterns of effective and ineffective writing, as well plant your subconscious with ideas on how you can revise and revamp your resume.
  6. After all of this brainstorming and copying and pasting, you will have a document that is dozens of pages long. Now it is just a matter of removing all of the things that do not apply to you, combining similar skills and experiences, and rewriting and quantifying your accomplishments.

This process may seem like a lot of work, but it will definitely prevent writer’s block, help you write your best resume, and also serve as preparation for future interviews.

Good luck with your new excellent resume and don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments…



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