Basic Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Timer

I wrote about The Pomodoro Technique here.

I started this by simply getting a countdown working.

I realized that in order to stop and resume the timer, I would have to apply the lessons of the previous JQuery and JavaScript sites, namely the setInterval and clearInterval. I also realized that instead of making the buttons change names, i.e. from Stop to Resume, I could simply have both buttons but hide the inactive one. Having separate buttons made it possible to have separate logic/functions for each button, versus being confused by additional if/else control flow statements if I had only used one button.

By creating these simpler JQuery and JavaScript sites, I am only solving smaller scale problems. However, these smaller challenges are increasing my problem solving skills and experience. I feel like I am training for the bigger future challenges, while also having fun now by seeing my simple and random ideas come to life with these smaller sites.


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